How to Download Embedded Videos Online?

Download embedded videos online

Have you ever tried downloading an embedded video only to be frustrated by the process? It can be challenging to know where to start, especially when there are so many methods and websites that claim to be able to do it. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most popular methods for downloading embedded videos. We will also provide a step-by-step guide on how to use each method so that you can easily find and download the videos you want. 

If you’re using a web browser, there are a number of browser extensions that can be used to download embedded videos. Depending on your browser, you may be able to find an extension in the app store or marketplace. Once you’ve found and installed the extension, you should be able to find a download button for the video you want to save.

Some popular browser extensions for downloading videos include Video DownloadHelper (for Firefox), Helper (for Chrome and Opera), and Easy Video Downloader (for Safari). These extensions should work with most major video streaming sites.

Before you install any extension, however, it’s important to make sure that it comes from a trusted source. There have been cases where malicious extensions have been used to collect user data or infect computers with malware. So only install extensions from reputable developers that you trust.

How to Download an Embedded Video from a Website

embedded videos online
Embedded Videos Online

Assuming you have a video player installed on your computer, there are four main ways to download an embedded video from a website.

The first way is to right-click on the video itself and select the “Save Video As…” option (or equivalent) in your browser. This usually works best with videos that are played through Flash Player or HTML5

The second way is to find the source URL of the video file and download it directly. To do this, open up the page source code (usually by pressing Ctrl+U or ⌘+U) and search for .mp4, .webm, or .ogv within the code. Once you find the URL, copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar. Then hit Enter to download the file.

The third way is to use a web-based service like KeepVid ( or DownloadHelper ( With these services, you simply enter the URL of the page containing the video you want to download. After that they will provide you with a direct link to download the file.

Finally, if you’re using Google Chrome as your browser, there’s a fourth way to download videos embedded on websites. Just install the Video Downloader extension (

How to Use an Online Video Downloader

Online Video Downloader
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There are a few ways to download videos from the internet. But using an online video downloader is arguably the easiest. Here’s how to do it:

1. Find the video you want to download. This can be done by searching for the video on a search engine or finding it on a video-sharing website like YouTube.

2. Once you’ve found the video, copy the URL from the address bar at the top of your browser.

3. Paste the URL into an online video downloader. There are many different downloaders available; we recommend ClipConverter (

4. Select the format and quality you want to download the video in and click “Start!”

5. The download will start automatically and should be complete within a few minutes depending on the size of the file and your internet connection speed.

How to Use a Browser Extension

There are a number of browser extensions that can be used to download embedded videos. Many of these extensions are available for free. Also they can be found in the Chrome Web Store or the Mozilla Add-ons website.

Once you have installed a video downloader extension, you can typically download videos by right-clicking on the video player and selecting the “Download” or “Save as…” option. Some extensions may also provide a toolbar button that you can click to initiate the download.

When using a browser extension to download videos, it is important to be aware of potential security risks. Some malicious extensions may collect your browsing data or even inject malware into downloaded videos. To help mitigate these risks, only install extensions from reputable sources, and be sure to read reviews before installing anything new.

While there are a number of ways to download videos from websites, the methods described above should work in most cases. If you are having trouble downloading a video, you may want to try a different method. You can also contact the website’s administrator for assistance.