Top10 Anime Every Teen Needs To Watch

It’s never too late to start watching anime! You might think that you’re too old for it, but there are so many great shows out there that you don’t want to miss. Check out this list of the best top 10 anime for teens to download and find your next binge-watch.

Anime has been around for a long time and has gained a large following. It is no surprise that there are now so many different shows to choose from. While some may argue that teenagers should not be watching anime, we believe that there are plenty of great options out there that can appeal to this age group.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best anime for teenagers:

1) Attack on Titan:

This show is set in a world where humanity is forced to live behind giant walls to protect itself from giant, man-eating Titans. The story follows the main character, Eren, as he joins the military in hopes of one-day taking revenge on the Titans for destroying his home and killing his loved ones. Attack on Titan is an action-packed show with plenty of suspense and excitement.

2) Death Note:

This show is about a high school student named Light who finds a notebook that allows him to kill anyone whose name he writes in it. He decides to use this power to create a world without crime. But as he starts eliminating more and more people, he becomes obsessed with the idea of being a god. Death Note is a complex and thrilling show that will keep you guessing until the very end.

3) Naruto:

Naruto is about a young ninja named Naruto who dreams of becoming Hokage, the strongest ninja in his village. However, he is constantly ridiculed by others because of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit that was sealed inside him when he was born. Naruto is a coming-of-age story that follows Naruto as he strives to become the Hokage.

Naruto the best Anime
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4) Fullmetal Alchemist:

Fullmetal Alchemist is set in a world where alchemy is the most advanced form of science. The story follows two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who use alchemy to try to bring their mother back to life after she dies. However, the process goes horribly wrong and leaves them both with severe injuries. Fullmetal Alchemist is an action-packed show with plenty of twists and turns.

5) Fairy Tail:

Fairy Tail is set in a world of magic where guilds of wizards perform jobs for clients. The main characters are part of the Fairy Tail guild, and the story follows their adventures as they take on various jobs. Fairy Tail is an action-packed show with plenty of humor and likable characters.

6) Sword Art Online:

Sword Art Online is set in a virtual reality MMO where players are trapped inside the game and must clear it to escape. The story follows Kirito, a skilled player who teams up with other players to try and clear the game. Sword Art Online is an exciting show with plenty of action and suspense.

7) Psycho-Pass:

Psycho-Pass is set in a future where the government uses a system known as the Sibyl System to determine a person’s likelihood of committing a crime. The story follows Akane, a new inspector who must deal with the corrupt system while also trying to catch criminals. Psycho-Pass is a dark and suspenseful show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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8) Attack on Titan: Junior High:

This spin-off of Attack on Titan is set in a world where Titans go to school. The story follows Eren and his friends as they navigate the perils of junior high. Attack on Titan: Junior High is a humorous and light-hearted take on the original show that is sure to appeal to fans of the series.

9) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure:

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is set in a world where people have supernatural powers known as Stands. The story follows Jotaro, a young man who must defeat an evil spirit that has possessed his mother. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an action-packed show with plenty of bizarre and over-the-top moments.

10) One-Punch Man:

One-Punch Man is set in a world where people with superpowers fight monsters. The story follows Saitama, a man who has become so strong that he can defeat any opponent with a single punch. One-Punch Man is a humorous and action-packed show that is sure to appeal to fans of superhero movies.

There are so many great anime shows out there that it can be hard to choose which ones to watch. However, we believe that the 10 shows on this list are some of the best anime for teenagers. These shows are all packed with action, suspense, and excitement, and they are sure to appeal to any fan of the genre.