How to Stay Safe on a Motorbike

How to Stay Safe on a Motorbike

Not to put anyone off, but riding a motorbike is the most dangerous vehicle you can use on the road. There are many reasons for this, namely the lack of protection offer to you if you get involve in a collision, but also the small size of the bike making it hard for other drivers to spot, not to mention the allure of driving at high speeds. 

But much like anything that has a hint of danger, if you’re sensible and follow the right protocols and rules, then the risk is significantly reduce. Here are some of things riders should be doing to help them stay safe on a motorbike. 

Obey the rules of the road 

It’s really easy when riding a bike to get sucked into dangerous driving habits such as speeding and risking overtaking or weaving between cars that are halted at traffic lights. Doing these things might make you get to your destination faster, but they also put the driver at greater risk of injury. So make sure to follow the rules of the road, stay below the speed limit and drive safely. 

Wear the right gear

A motorcycle offers virtually no protection from bumps and collisions, meaning that the best way to protect yourself is to wear the correct equipment. Wearing a helmet is an essential as it can protect your head from nasty smacks if you fall off your bike and can, in worst cases, save your life. Leather clothing such as jackets and boots with non-skid soles can offer protection from road rash if you fall off at high speeds and skid against the tarmac. Another good idea to keep you safe at night is to try and wear reflective gear, as this will make it easier for other road users to spot you in their headlights. 

Ride with caution

When on a bike you should always be aware of the people around you, and never assume that they can see you, as most motorcycle accidents occur when other drivers violate a motorbike’s right of way. When these events happen an accident lawyer can be used to help. If you’re unsure, you can find out what a Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer is?

You should always ride with your headlights on and try to stay out of another driver’s blind spot, giving them plenty of space to maneuver and turn. You should also signal well in advance of any change in direction to ensure that everyone is aware of your intentions and can accommodate them. 

Prepare Your Vehicle 

A good way to limit accidents is to make sure that your bike is in good condition and fit for the road. You want to check up on your tires to ensure that there’s no cracks or bulges or other signs of wear such as a low tire pressure, as this can cause a blowout. You should also glance under the bike to ensure there’s no leaks in the oil or hydraulics, and check to see that all your lights, including brake and signaling lights, are functioning well.