How to Get TV Service In Your RV or Camper

tv service in rv or capmer

Some people use their RVs on an occasional basis, and these are often the campers who want to get away from their connected lives for a little bit. But there are those of us that are in our RVs a lot, and we want the creature comforts that are televisions and Internet access. For those looking to tune in rather than out, let us explore what your options are for TV while out on the road.

Antenna, Cable and Satellite

Satellite, cable and antenna are your three core options to get a TV signal in your RV. Most people who use their RV a lot will often have at least two of these solutions in place, and many have all three because they are all situational.

Antenna is generally the most affordable option, and it provides you access to free HD television, but depending on where you are traveling, it can be hit or miss. Cable television only requires that you have a cable hookup installed in your RV. But you will only have access while in an RV park, and the park will likely charge you an additional fee to access the connection. Portable satellite dishes are the most expensive option but can provide you both television and Internet.

A Portable Satellite for Your RV

You can get a satellite dish for television service. You can get a satellite dish for internet service, and DISH is an example of company that can provide you both through the same equipment. Satellite television is fantastic, but be mindful that you will not have access to local television while outside of your home area. If you have Internet access as well, there are workarounds. It also opens up the option to watch Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, GoLatino TV and so forth. You can get started with DISH for about $300 to $400, which is pretty reasonable considering what a satellite setup for an RV used to cost.

An Antenna for Your RV

An antenna is arguably a must-have as it gives you access to over-the-air HD channels up to 25 miles from your current location. Some areas are weird, and there is a lot of interference, which can make the experience frustrating. But in most areas, you will get a lot of channels for free. We highly recommend doing your research and investing in a quality antenna. It is understandable if you need to get started with a budget option, but a high-quality antenna will deliver you a much better experience long term.

Mobile Hotspots

You may also want to consider investing in equipment to access Wi-Fi, and this may already be a must-have considering how fast public Wi-Fi is expanding even throughout rural America. Many RV parks provide basic Wi-Fi access at no additional charge. Many businesses and cities are beginning to offer it as well. There was a time when the idea of streaming movies over public Wi-Fi was laughable, but times are changing, and while you may not be able to watch 4K, it is still better than nothing.

Make a Plan

Do your research. Determine your budget, and make a plan. Adjust your plan based on how often you intend to use your RV and whether or not you will frequent RV parks. If you are in an RV park most nights, that can make this whole process a lot easier. If you use your RV often and do not frequent RV parks, then satellite is a worthwhile investment.