Everything You Need to Know About Danielle Cohn

danielle cohn youtube tiktok megastar

Danielle Cohn is a YouTube and TikTok megastar who is also hitting it in the music industry. Ever since she first came on the picture, her fans have kept up with her through various apps over the years. 

From going to dub smashes to now producing her own music, she is bigger than ever and just getting excited. Here’s everything you need to comprehend about Danielle Cohn.

The social media star grew to fame on the TikTok app and has branched out onto various other platforms including Instagram where she has over 4.6 million fans.

As well as performing general video content for YouTube, concentrating primarily on her relationships, Cohn also has a thriving music career and uses her way to post music videos. 

Where did she belongs from?

She is from Florida.

The big TikTok star first noticed when she made videos in Florida. However, after performing it big on Musica.ly, her parents moved to Los Angeles to help her develop her career.

danielle cohn youtube tiktok star

Danielle expresses herself on her channel as “a 15-year-old American actress, model, social media passion.” But her fans’ fascination with getting out the truth about her age has developed over time thanks to internet sleuths and leaked erudition.

  • She has become several controversies because of issues about her real age, and whether her provocative posts and older boyfriends are relevant.
  • These interests came to a crisis when she was dating her now ex-boyfriend. Influencer Mikey Tua, who was 17 at the time. Danielle insists she is 15, but possible “evidence” has been drooling online. Over the past few months that seem to confer her real age is 13.
  • Danielle’s father Dustin lately posted a lengthy announcement on Facebook stating that his daughter is 13. He’d had plenty of Danielle “being online in a way I didn’t support”. He advised it was her mother, Jen, who was taking her daughter to date older boys and post revealing photos. 

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When was Danielle Cohn born? When is her real birthday?

According to Dustin, Danielle’s anniversary is March 7, 2006. Taking to Facebook this week (Sep 6), he recorded: “Danielle is 13. I have never wanted Danielle to be on social media particularly when she began at such an early age. But shows, and modeling, and then musically we’re all started on her. It was perpetually a huge problem to Her.

She just got into some more trouble for her “coming out” video.

After fans thought that she was dating Jackie Ybarra after she said she’s her girlfriend in several videos, Danielle decided to set the story straight on her YouTube page. On March 31, she posted a video called “LIFE UPDATE *Am I coming out?*” which had left a few fans questioning if she was part of the LGBTQ society. However, Danielle proved that she doesn’t have a date and that she’s “talking to somebody.”

Some fans on her video alleged that the video was clickbait. Danielle also said that fans could plausibly guess who she is speaking to, which leads them to think that she might be back with Mikey.