How Are Hotels Star Rated?

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About Hotel Star Ratings

When booking accommodations for a trip, travellers have a lot of choices. An easy method to decide whether or not a hotel has the highlights you’re viewing for is by checking its hotels star rating. These ratings can inform you a lot about the quality and facilities of the hotel. But before finding the hotel solely on its stars, get to know a bit more regarding what those stars mean and whether or not they are still true.

Official vs. Unofficial Star Ratings

The greatest thing to know about star ratings is that there are official and unofficial star ratings. Any hotel can state that it is a five-star hotel or a three-star hotel. But except you are sure that the star rating is official, take it with a bit of salt.

The original star-rating system was inaugurated by Forbes Travel Guide in the 1950s. Since then, various evaluating bodies have named stars, so it’s essential to check who the evaluator is and what its system requires. 

Several travel guides and booking sites have their star ratings, which would be viewed unofficial but still be more or less safe as long as the rules for evaluating the hotels is compatible. If you don’t know who is giving the stars, then don’t base your choice solely off that rating.

Additionally, it’s crucial to note that even in terms of official star ratings, what’s rated five stars in one country might be rated three stars in another. There is no comprehensive system when it happens to star ratings, which also reduces the system’s credibility. 

Criteria Used for a Hotels Star Rating

Even though the star-rating system is slightly diluted, in general, each system uses a set of rules to assess hotels. In most systems, the stars are used to assess the key points, amenities and quality of the services rendered by a hotel. This is why you’ll notice several systems in diverse countries, since something as simple as a bathroom with a hot shower might be viewed an extreme luxury in some places. However, many businesses and ratings programs worldwide, such as the famous hotel-booking site Expedia, use similar guidelines, described here.

One-Star Hotel

A one-star hotel gives basic rooms that might have just a bed and a side table. Bathrooms are possible shared with others on your floor, and any refreshments are normally found in a vending machine. A one-star hotel typically won’t have any on-site amenities, and the hotel’s reception desk apparently won’t be open 24 hours. Don’t anticipate a TV, a telephone or even daily housework services.

Two-Star Hotel

A two-star hotel is certainly an grade from a one-star hotel, but not by enough. At a two-star hotel, the reception desk is convincing open 24 hours. Rooms reasonably have clothing racks or closets, telephones and TVs, though the TV could be very old. You’ll have a private bathroom, but with only a bath, not a tub. The hotel won’t give many services, but you might take a continental breakfast.

Three-Star Hotel

A three-star hotel isn’t too inferior or too fancy; it’s just normal. The owners want customers to feel relaxed and happy in their rooms without requiring to spend too much money. There are typically restaurants and bars on-site, as well as help bringing your luggage to your room. The rooms are usually larger, more relaxed and with more chattels.

Four-Star Hotel

Four-star hotels are remarkably nice, and you’ll see the difference as soon as you walk into the room and see the decor. The rooms are often more important and fancier, with a king-size bed, a minibar, a safe, a workstation, clothes and a modern TV. The hotel regularly offers attendant parking, a spa, a gym, a pool and related services.

Five-Star Hotel

A five-star hotel has all the facilities you’d hope to find in a resort and more. Five-star hotels normally have expensive spas and massive lobbies and provide welcome gifts and steward service. A typical room has an oversized bathroom lined with quartz counters and a large display laden with high-end toiletries. Most five-star hotels have golf courses, tennis courts, health clubs with private trainers and even child-care assistance.

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Where to Stay

If you are certain that the star rating is official, then use that to decide whether or not a hotel is the best choice for you. Otherwise, stars shouldn’t be the only thing you use to find a hotel. Look at the facilities and services provided, and see customer reviews about the hotel. In some countries, a five-star hotel might not be significant better than a three-star place, particularly if the price for the three-star hotel is unbeatable.