Forget about the lockdown, go play some PUBG Mobile with friends

pubg mobile

What is PUBG? Why is it so popular? Is it worth playing?

We cannot say that PUBG Mobile is one of a variety because there have been a lot of games based on this fight royal style. The designer of PUBG, Brendan Greene says that he received his inspiration from the film Japanese film “Battle Royale”. Some of the comparisons to this game are the movie “The Hunger Games,” and other games such as “H1Z1: King of the Kill,” “DayZ” etc.

However, as there are several games, movies, and stories out there, the largest of the things are saturated. Now, at this moment what matters is that how they are introduced to the audience and whether they can join with them. This limits the success rate in this period of games. Some are outstanding.

PUBG Mobile is a non-Valve game on Steam to have the largest number of players. It is not at all a regular phenomenon to pass CS: GO(Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and Dota 2 which are top-rated games on Steam by an Indie Studio. But PUBG had made it feasible. It had shown us again that, “Nothing is impossible” and had higher than 5 million copies marketed at the time of writing this. It made a tremendous success while it was still in its first access.


There will be 100 players simultaneously with you. You will go on the plane and you have to be abandoned on an island. And following is the map in which you will play. My mind gradually drifts towards Hunger Games which operates on the same mechanics.

After jumping down from the plane, you have to steal things because you will have extinction in your hand. There may be a difficulty if there are people on the edge of the map and they don’t appear. To circumvent this situation, after a few minutes a group will emerge and you have to be inside the circle and it will begin limiting based on time. If you are outside the circle, then you will miss your health. So in this, your main goal is to steal and to be the last man holding. You can play solo, duo, and squad. Their optimization is not so excellent. I hope they will improve that in the prospect.

TIP: You can come within the top 10 without fighting the enemies if you have enough secrecy skills.

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Their weapon style was marvellous. You have to steal parts of the weapon to have the most certainty. For e.g. You have to steal the suppressor, red dot sight, fields, etc. They don’t proceed with the gun. This made the play so exciting. This will be genuine unless they do microtransactions. Does someone hide in? Not EA, surely not you. Weapons are also available.


They didn’t do any conventional marketing. They didn’t have long Titans in the shopping-malls as Titanfall 2 did. Their main strategy was Double dip digital marketing. It suggests they give the game to lots of flags for playing on their Twitch and YouTube channel. Since streamers liked that game a lot, it dispersed among them and then made the other gamers and spectators buy that. This was the biggest move that made PUBG Mobile this auspicious


There were groups of hackers in PUBG. This made the competition quite like CS: GO (Psssh! CS: GO is filled with hackers). There were speed hacks, aimbot and much more.

On the other hand, there was a different problem and it was Stream Sniping. It suggests other players watch the flag streaming and knowing his place they halt him. Soon, it began losing its impressive value among streamers and different people. They opposed to Bluehole about this.

Since it was most common among streamers, Bluehole resolved to do something about that. So, in order to destroy the hackers, they determined to use an anti-cheat system called BattlEye, which automatically prevents someone who tries to use cheats like aimbots or other hacks, before they’re even ready to use them in-game.

The bans are perpetual. It forbids like 6000 players per day and so far they have prevented more than 150,000 cheaters. But there was a large problem again. Even the people who didn’t cheat got forbidden because of shooting a streamer and they were forbidden under stream sniping. Overnight its unenthusiastic reviews reached its peak. How do I know in the midst of the battle if he is a streamer or negative?


Their businesses grew from 100 to 100,000 in sales. Then half a million and it kept on growing. Then they seized 990,000. And after that, they moved a million players on steam. Abruptly, when it moved more than a million players their servers got hit. Their servers could work only a million players. Poor people. Who developed this game might be this famous? Not even the author of the game thought of it. They tried to save money by having their servers handle only a million users so that they can get candy.

PUBG Corp is rejoicing April Fools’ Day with a new Fantasy Battle Royale style in a class-based, limited-time form. In this mode, 20 teams of four players will get to pick one of four classes and land on a site called Dragon’s Isle. PUBG announced on its website that with April Fools’ Day doing a long-celebrated tradition in the gaming world, it has chosen to “go a little crazy and try something different” by starting the Fantasy Battle Royale style.

The trial, running as of 30th March to April 15th, consists of a mix of interesting events, including regular brawls, room card and booty drops on social media, tournaments with our partners at Mettle state, and a unique in-game reward for following logins over the game event days. The trial is open to PUBGM players over South Africa. Players playing in the daily brawls also can win loot with our ‘Play of the Day’ event, where we’ll pick one highlight from the fight and post it to social media. The player with the leading highlight gets the spoils. You can find the full #2GetherWePlay program below, along with Mettle state tournament features and related social media links.

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Fun and chicken dinner throughout the most small apocalypse possible. Sounds fun!